Teaching forms an important and challenging part of my activities and I enjoy interacting with students at all levels. My first and second year classes have provided me with an opportunity to experiment with the use of technology in the classroom. The Web as a delivery tool for course-work material has been particularly useful both as a way of enhancing understanding and providing me with an efficient way of monitoring students progress. For example in my second year advanced calculus course, students are continually assessed via a series of on-line multiple choice problem sheets which give me instant feedback on how the students are coping with a particular topic. I regularly use computer algebra systems, and numerical simulations in classroom demos to give  a different perspectives on mathematical problems, providing a much needed link to situations of importance in everyday life.

Current Courses

General Relativity (NASSP/MAM3400W)

Advanced General Relativity and Cosmology

Online Course in General Relativity

Introduction to Dynamics (MAM1044H)